Presented for your reading pleaseure, a collection of publications and engraving collections specially selected to furthur the readers educational and spiritual development.
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Research Sites Sutlers Units

Barkertown Sutlers
Mistress Clark is proud to present some of the hobbies finest made and thoroughly researched garments.

Smiling Fox Forge
General Suttlery

Paramount Press
Publishers of limited-edition prints, featuring period-specialist artists Robert Griffing and John Buxton.


Ghost Forge
18th century clothing.

The Scarlet Scarab

Cobb Creek


The Livonia Smithery
NOTICE is hereby posted, the full-time tinsmith and part-time curmudgeon (though rumours persist that those terms may be reversed) Master TW Moran purveys his wares for all to see. Master Moran is also an expert in the field of subterranean dwelling.

Goose Bay Workshops
Finely researched period pieces.

James Townsend & Son.

Heritage Books
Wide selection of important books. Constantly releasing new titles.

Smoke & Fire
General Suttlery

G. Gedney Godwin

Panther Primatives