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18th Century Costumes
A comprehensive source for detailed information about period-appropriate attire. The collections of paintings, engravings, patternbooks, and primary-source written descriptions will make selecting and designing clothes much easier.

Internet Library of Early Journals
A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals

Colonial America 1600-1775
Extensive list of links.

PHMC Doc Heritage
18th Century documents from the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Rutgers University, Sinclair Collection
the largest, most comprehensive collection of New Jersey materials in the state, and one of the finest collections of state and local history in the country.

Archiving Early America
A collection of texts, illustrations, and discussion groups.

Hargrett Rare Map Collection
University of Georgia's collection of 18th century maps

Web Index of the French and Indian War
And more links.

David Library
A superb archive for Revolution-era researchers, but also offers excellent F&I period records and texts

Examining the 17th Century
Delaware Public Archives